Quality & Colour

Quality Management Systems

We get Quality! We want it, we need it & we pursue it!

  • Quality accredited to the highest possible standard!
  • Different specialist-print businesses all working with clear, process driven approaches under our quality platform!

 What does this mean for our clients?

The Eckersley Print Group is made up of a team of dedicated print specialists: we get so excited seeing blank, raw material become unique pieces of visual communication that go out to you and your customers, delivering your message in the best possible way.

Our insistence on best quality pursuit and practice, allows us to provide you with more than just a

print job…It is what underpins our ability to provide you with a comprehensive, organised, holistic print

solution across the board!


Colour Management

How your branding looks and how you communicate visually with your customers is paramount. After all, your visual branding is your primary physical interface with your customers. We understand that colour matching and consistency across all your printing assets, is crucial to the integrity of your brand.

Eckersley Print Group takes quality colour Management very seriously and our commitment to excellence in colour management is demonstrated by our high-level industry accreditations for Offset Print and colour Proofing.

AS/NZS ISO 12647 2:2013 Compliance in Colour Management for Offset Print is directly applicable to:

  • press proof prints and printing processes that use colour separation printing formes as input; or with more than four process colours as long as direct analogies to four-colour printing are maintained, such as for data and screening, for print substrates and printing parameters;
  • printing on paper/cardboard material for packaging;
  • for all kinds of drying methods such as heat-set, infrared, and ultraviolet;
  • provides accountable references for colour quality assurance and colour quality management.

AS/NZS ISO 12647-7:2016 Compliance in Colour Management for Colour Proofing specifies requirements for systems used to produce hard-copy digital proof prints intended to simulate a printing condition defined by a set of characterization data. Optimum recommendations are provided for accuRate and specific test methods associated with these requirements to ensure premium outcomes.

We use Fogra 39 in addition to these stringent colour quality standards, so you can be confident in our capacity and expertise to manage your colour palette in all things print!